Piepenbusch-Kicker continues with „white waistcoat“ – but lead of the standings is lost

1 JFC AEB Hildesheim – JSG Halvestorf 1:3 (0:1).
Halvestorf’s coach Matthias Günzel was completely satisfied after the 3:1 away win and proud of the entire team: „The guys have today perfectly implemented what I have demanded. We stood low and let the opponent come. Through our quick counterattacks we wanted to be successful.“ The tactics worked out: Joy-Connor Kästel (35th) scored after a quick counterattack to 1-0. „We could have led 2 or 3:0 at half time if we had used our chances. From AEB came in the first half absolutely nothing. At the latest with our well organized chain of four was closing time,“ said Günzel. In the second round, AEB put a little more pressure on us without developing any compelling danger. „On the other hand, our counter-attacks meant that we were always in danger of catching fire,“ Günzel said. Lennart Scholtka increased from 13 meters to 2:0 (58.). The guests, on the other hand, mainly radiated danger over standard situations. After a free-kick Maximilian Zehm came to the header and marked the goal to 1:2. In the following time, the Hildesheimers pushed for 2:2 compensation and keeper Tim Kallmeyer saved the Piepenbusch kicker with a wonderful reaction on the goal line before the tie. In the last minutes Halvestorf drove a last counter, which Nils Wittuhn sunk to the cheered 3:1. „The victory is also in the height in order. Wednesday we want to enter the third round of the cup near Grasdorf“, Günzel emphasized. Casino Venetian is of the best online casino.

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VfV Hildesheim – JFV Union Bad Pyrmont 4:0 (2:0).

After the poor performance against Reher, the Pyrmonters were obliged to do better. Unimpressed by the police presence at the edge of the pitch – there was a knife fight on the layout – the favourite from Hildesheim was clearly dominated in the first 15 minutes and Keune as well as Mense failed several times standing alone in front of the opponent’s goal. With their first chance the home side made it better and finished a counter to the lead. Now a respectable game developed, in which both teams found their master in the strong goalkeepers. After a Pyrmont corner, the second goal was scored for the home side. After a quick forward counter it was 2:0. Tipico Casino has an amazing offer for new players.

VfV Hildesheim Honours

The club’s honours:

  • Niedersachsenliga
    • Runners-up: 2015

In the 40th minute again bad luck for Union: a firecracker from Jerome March landed on the crossbar. In the second run the VFV increased the speed and gained in superiority. JFV keeper Marius Wennemann, however, prevented a higher gap. Midfield engine Marlon Opitz brought the Pyrmont strikers several more times into promising positions, but the ball did not want into the goal. Ten minutes before the end of the game the Domstädter made the lid on it and scored within four minutes two goals. In the 85th minute Pyrmont’s goalkeeper Wennemann crowned his performance with a saved penalty. „With a better exploitation of chances something could have been won here today, so the victory goes for Hildesheim in order,“ summarized Pyrmont’s coach Arne Wienecke. Betway Casino is one of the top online betting games.


Nati opponent England is back on the ground

The clocks will not be changed until 28 October, but in football terms, summer time in the United Kingdom came to an end on Saturday evening. Little by little, the remnants of the national enthusiasm for the World Cup disappeared during the 2-1 defeat to Spain at Wembley Stadium; the final whistle was not a whistle, but the old, oppressive certainty that the men with the three lions on their jerseys are still unable to beat the best teams in the world.

Hard landing: Spain’s class bursts England’s bubble,“ the Sunday Times sobered. Coach Gareth Southgate had already warned in the run-up to the Nations-League game that the acclaimed entry into the semi-final in Russia could only be the prelude to England’s renaissance, not the biggest success of the current generation.

Gareth Southgate Honours and achievements


Crystal Palace

  • Football League First Division: 1993–94
Aston Villa
  • Football League Cup: 1995–96
  • Football League Cup: 2003–04


England U21

  • Toulon Tournament: 2016


  • FIFA World Cup fourth place: 2018

female soccer player

The summer was very nice for all of us, but now it’s about getting better,“ the 48-year-old said. He reminded us that Her Majesty’s select players have been running behind the international leaders for ages. In the major tournaments of the past forty years, Germany (2000) and Argentina (2002) alone were defeated. Sunmaker Review is now also making some noise in the industry.

Spaniards individually superior

Given the technical shortcomings that became apparent when Southgate broke home in their first compulsory game since 2007, it will be a while before Southgate’s ambitious plan for a cultural revolution comes to fruition. His England, starting with goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, should pass the ball forward courageously and flat. This was done in a wonderful way in the exquisite 1-0 attack (Marcus Rashford, 11), but neither the home side’s lead nor their consistent possession football survived the initial phase. There are lots of people nowadays that is very fond of Betway test.

Luis Enrique’s individually superior team equalled through Saul Niguez (13th), took the lead after a free kick (Rodrigo, 32nd) and let the remaining 60 minutes of the ball spinning with provocative ease. As against Croatia in Moscow, England failed to regain control as Southgate’s 5-3-2 system (without ball) tended to be passive. With five men in their own penalty area, the eleven were unable to exert any pressure on the Spaniards‘ game structure.

Thanks to an energetic performance at the end of the nine minutes overdrawn game – left-back Luke Shaw (ManUtd) was treated for a long time for a head injury – England almost managed to equalise. Southgate admitted that even a draw would not have changed the balance of power on the pitch. „We were a bit confused in the press, it doesn’t work against players who can free themselves in the tightest of spaces. They are absolutely top class at holding the ball.“

England’s midfield technically too limited

Compared to the great artists Thiago (Bavaria, Munich), Sergio Busquets (Barcelona) and Isco (Real Madrid), good workers worked in England’s headquarters with Henderson, Lingard and Dele Alli. Once again it became apparent that Southgate’s basic idea of short-passing posed existential problems for the existing personnel.
As long as the country produces good defensive players and strikers of international stature, but not sensitive directors, the coach’s principles overtax the real possibilities. After Belgium and Croatia at the World Cup, Spain now also exposed this dilemma. Because of sheer helplessness the line was lost, too many balls were high and far forward threshed.

Southgate knows: His problems are not only due to the lack of quality on the ball, they are also of a quantitative nature. In the current Premier League season, only 113 English players have played so far, which corresponds to just 31 percent of all first division professionals. Compared with the other nations in the five major European leagues, England has by far the smallest number of elite players.

After all, objective debate made possible

The financial strength of the Premier League reduces the opportunities for local kickers year after year, with young players in particular having little chance of advancing to the top squads. The establishment of a U23 league does not provide any reasonable compensation because of its lack of competitive character, so the national coach is thinking out loud about the participation of second teams in the lower leagues. But that would be a thorn in the side’s side’s side’s side’s side’s side’s side’s side’s side’s side’s side’s side’s side’s side’s side’s side, and the Premier League also have little appetite for change. Sports betting online is reliable as well.


football league

The beautiful Nati story by Albian Ajeti

„I was Shaqiri’s jack of balls.“
At the age of 15, he rejected an offer from FC Barcelona out of love for his brother. And now he starts in the Nati. BLICK explains Albian Ajeti (21).

Albian Ajeti needs eight minutes for his first goal at his international debut. At 6:0 against Iceland he scores the second last goal. „You never forget your first goal,“ he says to BLICK the day after. He didn’t sleep much: „I’m still full of emotions. And I answered until morning at three or four congratulations messages. I haven’t made it all yet.“

Mensch Ajeti – how is the new Nati star from FC Basel ticking? Born in Basel, 21 years old, FCB Junior since the 8th year, with 17 goals last season top scorer of the Super League, Switzerland-Kosovare – so far the facts. Stargames Test is one of many online betting games.

Albian Ajeti Honours

  • U16 Swiss Champion: 2011–12,2012–13
  • Swiss Super League: 2014–15
  • Swiss Cup Runner-up: 2014–15
  • Topscorer: Swiss Super League 2017-18 17 goals.

competition game








„Early on we only thought of football,“ he says. His brothers Arlind (24, most recently with Crotone) and Zwilling Adonis (21, with Chiasso) are professional footballers. „Our father says we have the talent from him. But I don’t believe it, because he was a goalie. Highest league in former Yugoslavia, but I don’t know the club,“ says Ajeti with a smile.

Papa Afrim baptized all the sons with a name that begins with A. The sons continue this tradition: Andion is the son of Arlind Ajeti. Online Casino Paypal is one of the easiest way to play and redeem game voucher.

„The most special thing for me is the bond with my twin brother Adonis. You are close, you hear yourself every day,“ says Albian Ajeti. Almost six years ago, the two had an offer for FC Barcelona’s U16, after they had convinced in their trial training. „But if you are a twin, you have to agree on such a step. We weren’t.“ Albian would have dared to go to Catalonia, Adonis not. So the twins stay with the FCB.

Later the paths separate. Albian tries to assert himself at Augsburg – and fails. „It was nevertheless an instructive time, I have developed physically and mentally.“ Adonis plays in Wil, is under contract with St. Gallen and is now on loan to Chiasso.

And his big brother Arlind plays for Albania. The Albanians also advertise for Albian. He says: „But for me it was never a big issue. I always wanted to go to the Swiss national team, already in 2011“.

It’s the Nati’s match against Bulgaria in St. Jakob-Park. Xherdan Shaqiri scores three goals after trailing 0:1. „I was Shaq’s ball boy, stood between the substitutes‘ benches and knew: I want to go there too“.

Now he is right in the middle of it. And maybe he can show his face against England on Tuesday. Merkur Online Review is now rising on top.