Spanish Housing is Getting Really Expensive by Europe’s Standards

Buying a house is one of the first things to do when you are an adult who wants to start their own family. Houses and flats are expensive, and not all of us came from high-class families. But by saving enough money or getting some loans from the bank, you can afford to buy one!

However, in countries who are members of the European Union doing this is becoming more and more complicated. In Spain and Germany, the real estate market is starting to increase a lot. So much that many economists and statistics experts are starting to worry about it.

Increasing Rates in Spain

After the community statistics office, Eurostat published the updated proportion of Spain’s real estate market a few days ago, and many countries have begun to pay attention to it. It increased over two points, more than a whole point over the European Union general rate.

Spain’s rates are getting way higher than those of other countries. Countries like Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Netherlands, Malta, Romania, and Slovenia are getting closer to Spain’s rates, but they are not quite there yet.

Low Rates Everywhere Else

However, in the European Union, there are also countries which have been lowering their rates since 2016. These countries are France, Italy, and Sweden. It’s important to clarify that these rates are not dropping in incredible amounts, they just decrease a bit, but when compared to other countries, you can see the huge differences.

These kinds of changes in the global economy make everyone go crazy. It’s important to pay attention to the increase in rates, to check in which markets you should invest, and many others. Keep updated on it by constantly reading this blog. What is wrong with becoming a keen follower of European economic news? Enjoy all the knowledge you can get and put it in practice when looking a place for yourself.

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