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Europe has been considered as one of the continents to have more news to offer and it’s easy to understand why, due to the constant events that take place here. Said news are completely worth to be covered.

With that being said, it is obvious that a news blog has an enormous task to accomplish: report the amount of news that happen in the European territory. Also, it’s not only covering the local news, but also reporting other relevant events that occur around the world which may affect us as European citizens.

Because of that, you can assume that there are tons of information and articles to write and talk about, but since Urban Heat Island is not big enough to cover all the relevant news that are taking place lately, we think that it’s time to upgrade our site.

That is why Urban Heat Island needs a constant contribution from all the visitors who come to this blog to take a closer look and learn about Europe’s current state. If you wish to make a donation and help the blog, please send us an email with your information.

You can also contribute to Urban Heat Island by writing about a major event that is going on in Europe. You can write the article and send it to Urban Heat Island. We will publish it and give you the credit you deserve.