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Bitcoin Halts Slide, Pro-Bitcoin Candidate Rises in Argentine Election

• Argentina is facing an economic crisis with rising CPI inflation and a weakening national currency.
• Presidential candidate Javier Milei has gained ground among voters for his unconventional economic views that could potentially solve the country’s problems.
• Milei is pro-Bitcoin, which could be beneficial for the country in light of the current financial situation.

Argentina’s Economic Crisis

Rising Inflation & Weakening Currency

Argentina is currently experiencing an economic crisis, with consumer price index (CPI) inflation increasing month on month since April 2022 and currently standing at 104.3%. The peso has been weakening against the dollar as well, losing 24% since the start of 2021 and hitting record lows each week. It takes about 250 pesos to buy a dollar at the official rate, while currency controls limit foreign exchange leading to a black market rate costing up to 300 pesos per dollar.

Javier Milei: Pro-Bitcoin Presidential Candidate

Amidst this looming financial crisis, libertarian economist and presidential candidate Javier Milei has gained ground among Argentine voters due to his unconventional approach to solving the country’s many problems. His pro-Bitcoin stance stands out among other candidates, potentially providing a solution for Argentina’s financial woes should he win the election on October 22nd.

Cryptocurrency Could Help Battle Hyperinflation

As Argentina faces hyperinflation and an overall lack of confidence in its economy, cryptocurrency solutions like Bitcoin offer a potential reprieve from these issues by allowing citizens to store their wealth securely outside of fiat currencies that are quickly losing value. Adopting cryptocurrencies could also encourage investment into Argentina due to its low transaction costs and lack of government interference compared to traditional banking systems.

Support For Cryptocurrency Growing In Latin America

Milei’s support for cryptocurrency isn’t unheard of in Latin America; Venezuela recently launched its own state-backed cryptocurrency called Petro as part of an effort to combat hyperinflation caused by U.S.-led sanctions against it . Chile has seen a surge in Bitcoin trading volume over recent months as well, suggesting that people are seeking alternative forms of currency as their traditional banking system fails them during times of political turmoil or economic collapse .


Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can provide tremendous benefits during times of financial stress – allowing citizens to safely store their wealth without worrying about devaluation or government interference – making it no surprise that presidential candidate Javier Milei has been gaining ground with his pro-crypto views amongst Argentinian voters looking for complete political change