Bitcoin Halts 4-Day Slide as Inflation Slows, Pro-Crypto Candidate Gains Ground

• Argentina is in the midst of an economic crisis with high inflation and a weakening peso.
• Presidential candidate Javier Milei has gained considerable ground amongst voters seeking complete political change due to his unconventional economic views.
• He is pro-Bitcoin, which has the potential to provide financial relief for those affected by the current economic situation.

Argentina’s Economic Crisis

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation rate in Argentina is currently at 104.3%, and the peso continues sliding against the dollar at a rapid rate, dropping 24% since the start of 2021. Currency controls limit foreign exchange, resulting in a black market rate that costs up to 400 pesos for one dollar.

Javier Milei: Pro-Bitcoin Candidate

Libertarian economist and presidential candidate Javier Milei stands out as a potential solution to this crisis due to his unconventional economic views. His candidacy has gained considerable ground amongst voters looking for complete political change, as they believe Bitcoin could provide financial relief from their current situation.

Opposing Views on Crypto

Milei’s views are not shared by all, however; some have expressed opposition towards cryptocurrency due to its volatility and lack of government oversight or control over it. There have been recent efforts by some lawmakers to regulate crypto assets more strictly, but these measures have yet to be fully implemented into law.

Crypto Community Support

Despite this opposition, there is strong support from within the crypto community for Milei’s pro-Bitcoin stance. In addition, companies such as Binance and Coinbase are helping to drive cryptocurrency adoption through initiatives like innovation zones and custody rules that make it easier for investors to get involved with digital asset trading and investing securely.


In conclusion, presidential candidate Javier Milei’s unorthodox economic views are gaining traction among Argentine voters who believe Bitcoin can provide financial relief during this difficult period of high inflation and currency devaluation. While there may be resistance from some quarters regarding cryptocurrencies, strong support from within the crypto community is helping drive adoption forward through initiatives such as innovation zones and custody rules offered by major exchanges like Coinbase and Binance

Bitcoin Halts Slide, Pro-Bitcoin Candidate Rises in Argentine Election
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