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Urban Heat Island is a news blog created with the intention of providing only the most relevant news in Europe. My name is Charles Knowles and I’m the owner of this blog. Years ago, I started to write about my city’s condition. Then, I realized that I could create a blog focused on the events that affect all Europe.

Urban Heat Island’s job is to provide only true and honest information, whether it is on news that might catch many readers’ attention, or more specific articles about subjects that could become even more relevant in the future.

Having an impartial opinion on the different stories that are developing day by day in this continent, our work is more than professional. We focus especially on telling the actual facts and details of the story.

Urban Heat Island is still a small page on the internet, but I have the passion to deliver the best content possible. So, this website is surely going to grow and increase its readers in the years to come. With our modern way to tell the news and our engaging material, we are one of the best options online to keep updated.

Having caught the attention of many visitors who wish to read the latest news in Europe, I know that Urban Heat Island is a blog that will remain online for a long time.