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Piepenbusch-Kicker continues with „white waistcoat“ – but lead of the standings is lost

1 JFC AEB Hildesheim – JSG Halvestorf 1:3 (0:1). Halvestorf’s coach Matthias Günzel was completely satisfied after the 3:1 away win and proud of the entire team: „The guys have today perfectly implemented what I have demanded. We stood low and let the opponent come. Through our quick counterattacks we wanted to be successful.“ The • Read More »

Nati opponent England is back on the ground

The clocks will not be changed until 28 October, but in football terms, summer time in the United Kingdom came to an end on Saturday evening. Little by little, the remnants of the national enthusiasm for the World Cup disappeared during the 2-1 defeat to Spain at Wembley Stadium; the final whistle was not a • Read More »

The beautiful Nati story by Albian Ajeti

„I was Shaqiri’s jack of balls.“ At the age of 15, he rejected an offer from FC Barcelona out of love for his brother. And now he starts in the Nati. BLICK explains Albian Ajeti (21). Albian Ajeti needs eight minutes for his first goal at his international debut. At 6:0 against Iceland he scores • Read More »